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I am a long time member of the United States Chess Federation. I began playing chess in early elementary school with friends on the block.

During the teenage years I joined the United States Chess Federation and played in some chess tournaments. Back in those days chess tournaments were a lot different from what you often see today. Digital clocks did not exist in those days and there was no such thing as a “delay” or “increment” in the time control. Analog clocks with hands that went around and a flag that fell when your time expired is how it was done. Time controls that said you had to make all your remaining moves within an hour or 30 minutes were not commonly used. When you had an unusually long game they often had the game adjourned and one player would write down his move on a sheet of paper to be sealed. Another fairly common practice back in those days was to have a very long game adjudicated by one or more high-ranking masters. The masters would render their best opinion of whether the game was won by a certain player or drawn as the case might be. The adjudication process led to some disputes regarding the results of games.

Another thing that has changed is who plays in the chess tournaments. Back when I first joined the USCF, close to 95% of all tournament players were male. Females are seen more often today. The number of Asians appearing in chess tournaments today is considerably higher than I remember it being back in the 1960s and 1970s. The number of elementary school age children appearing in chess tournaments is considerably higher than I remember it being in the 1960s and 1970s. Many of these children are Asians and you see Asian girls just about as often as Asian boys. Many of these Asians have highly respectable USCF ratings.

Since I have been playing chess and playing in tournaments for so many years, why not create a website to promote chess? That’s exactly what this website is about. I fell short of my goal of becoming a grandmaster. You really have to have uncanny extraordinary abilities to do it. I hope you will find what you need at this website whether it’s chess sets, digital chess clocks, chess books, chess DVDs, or chess computers.

If you think something should be offered here as a product and you don’t see it anywhere on this site, please send me an email and I’ll see if I can find a supplier for the product.

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Mapboy (Bryan)

    You certainly seem like a very bright person in the world of chess. I’m not exactly great at chess myself, but I think that someone like you could really help me improve my game.

    This page makes me think of you as a real person rather than just an online persona, and I love the little touch about playing with the kids on the block, I can relate.

    Cheers, Bryan.

  2. Stephen Odhong

    Hi Clover! Great chess experience down the road here! I just remember some great chess names coming out of Russia in some years gone by, or was it India? I think I can still play great chess after quiet a break. I checked your store here, you’ve not placed much on there yet, have you?

    1. Kelly Clover Post author

      Which items are of most interest to you?

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