The books or DVDs I recommend you get will be based on what is needed for your particular situation. For experienced players I strongly recommend that you specialize in a few specific openings and defenses. You should have opening books directed at where you wish to specialize. It’s easier to master one specific opening than 3 or 4 of them. Whatever openings you choose to specialize in, strive to play them exactly right against all the plausible continuations you might encounter.

For endgames, I recommend you try to find your specific endgame weaknesses if there are any and get books or DVDs aimed at those specific types of endings.

If you need to brush up on your tactical skills, get books or DVDs aimed at that issue. This page focuses on general purpose books, children’s and beginner’s books, general purpose opening and endgame manuals. If you specifically want to examine a certain opening or a certain type of endgame please click on one of the following links below. If you want to study master games specifically please click on “Master Games”. For books specifically about tactics please click on “chess tactics”. For children’s and beginner’s books, and books or DVDs that are very general in nature, please scroll past the list of page links to view the products that are available directly from this page. You must have a computer disk drive to use DVDs.

Chess Tactics                                     Queen Endings                                Sicilian Najdorf                              Queen’s Gambit                      Flank Openings

Master Games                                   Scotch/Four Knights                     Sicilian Dragon                               Other d Pawn

Pawn Endings                                    Ruy Lopez                                          Other Sicilian                                  Nimzo-Indian Defense

Rook Endings                                      Other Double e pawn                   Caro-Kann Defense                     King’s Indian/Grunfeld

Minor Piece Endings                       French Defense                              Other e Pawn Defenses              Other d Pawn Defenses



For further information about the books shown below please click on the image or the blue text under the image.

Chess for Children – Chevannes

Chess for Children – Chandler

Chess Workbook for Children – Bardwick

Chess For Children Activity Book – Chevannes

Chess Tactics for Kids – Chandler


Children's Chess Camp Volume 6 Chess Camp Volume 4 Chess Camp Volume 1

For further information about this series of books please click on the link below:



For further information about the books shown below please click on the image or the blue text under the image.

Chess Progress: From Beginner to Winner – Czerwin

Chess Tactics for Students – Bain

Teaching Chess in the 21st Century – Bardwick

Pocket Tactics for Beginners (CD)

Danger in Chess: How to Avoid Making Blunders



For information about the items below please click on an image or the blue text below the image.

A Ferocious Opening Repertoire – Lakdawala

Polgar’s Winning Chess the Easy Way #4 Opening Traps & Pitfalls (DVD)

Improve Your Opening Play – Ward

ChessBase Opening Encyclopedia 2016

Catastrophe in the Opening – Martin

SOS – Secrets of Opening Surprises 12 – Bosch

How to Play the Chess Openings



For further information about the books/DVDs shown below please click on the image or the blue text under the image.

Secrets of Chess Endgame Strategy – Hansen, L.

Practical Endgame Play: Beyond the basics – Flear

Pandolfini’s Endgame Course – Pandolfini

Test Your Endgame Thinking – Flear

Endgame Turbo 4 – Syzygy Table Bases

How to Play Chess Endings

Capablanca’s Best Chess Endings