Chess tactics is where games are often won or lost. Why are grandmasters, grandmasters? Because they see most of the opportunities that exist to win decisive material or force checkmate. Lesser players miss many of these opportunities because they are less able to see them. So getting more experience with the patterns that are involved in tactical motifs will help you win more games.


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Chess Tactics for Kids – Chandler

The Middle Game in Chess

Pocket Tactics for Beginners (CD)

Chess Exam and Training Guide: Tactics – Khmelnitsky

Tactics – From Basics to Brilliance 1 – Lilov

Winning Chess Tactics 4th Ed – Seirawan

Improve Your Chess Tactics – Neishtadt, Y.

Combinations: The Heart of Chess

The Art of Chess Combination

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Tactics Time Chess Tactics for Champions Ultimate Chess Tactics and Strategies

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