On this page we talk about d pawn openings other than the Queen’s Gambit. One of the most important is the Catalan Opening which could be thought of more or less as a hybrid Queen’s Gambit-King’s Fianchetto opening. Black should take the Catalan very seriously. This opening is hardly without sting and Black needs to be prepared. Other openings dealt with on this page include the Colle System and the Stonewall Attack.
The Stonewall Attack can be reached from a sequence such as: 1. d4 d5; 2. e3 Nf6; 3. Bd3 c5; 4. c3 Nc6; 5. f4. Black should always be prepared for the possiblity that a Colle System will be transformed into a Stonewall Attack. The Stonewall Attack can also be reached via Bird’s Opening. The Trompowsky attack is not particularly dangerous if it’s countered properly.

Stonewall Attack Catalan Opening



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Colle System

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Other d pawn

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