Finding books about queen endings is more challenging than I would have liked. Some of the books were printed in Russian, not English, so you have to exercise care when ordering online. Generally what you see on the cover or the description of the book will give away the fact that it’s written in a language other than English when this is the case. Finding books about queen versus rook is easier than finding books about queen versus queen. Some books about queen endings are only partly about queen endings. There are many shippers who have an abundance of books about different openings but have very little about specific endings. For this reason, it is often necessary to go thru a network of shippers rather than a single shipper to find all the stuff that fills your needs. I have provided a link to such a network to help you find what you need.

Items shown below represent only part of the available items. Please scroll to the link below these immages for further information.

Queen and Pawn Endings Yuri Averbakh Comprehensive Chess Endings Volume 3 Quuen v. Rook

Please click on the link below for further information on books about queen endings: This particular link includes several listings for books written in Russian, not English, so please exercise care when ordering.