Theme chess sets are generally more expensive than other chess sets because they have been artistically jazzed up and the pieces are often made of metals such as copper, nickel, or brass, or sometimes crushed stone, not plastic or wood. The first set listed includes the board but many others include only the pieces. The board is an additional separate purchase for such items.

Many themes chess sets are designed to commemorate historical wars or historical time periods. For example there are theme sets about the American Civil war, the American Revolutionary war, and the Battle of Waterloo. There are theme sets to commemorate the ancient Romans or the ancient Egyptians or the Renaissance era. There are theme sets about the Vikings, the Knights, Samurai, and Poseidon.



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16“ Civil War – Theme Chess Set – $229.00
Eye-catching Civil War chess set offers highly detailed and heavily weighted chessmen on the walnut root board. It’s a wonderful individual or corporate gift idea.Specifications:Board size: 16“Square size: 1 5/8“King size: 3 5/16“Pawn size: 2 1/8“Base size: 1“Brown felt basesKing weight: 2.8 ozEntire set weight: 152.1 oz


Celtic Vs. Vikings Chess Pieces – SAC Antique Finish – $249.00

The Celtic people were inhabitants of areas of Western Europe, particularly Ireland, Wales, Brittany and the Highlands of Scotland. They were subjected to raids by Vikings and Norsemen and this chess set is the story of a battle between the Irish King, Brian Boru, and the Viking invaders. The battle took place at Clontarf, near Dublin and was a fierce encounter. Although the Celts managed to defeat the Viking invaders, their King, Brian Boru, was slain. This chess set features the principal characters involved in the battle and depicts Celtic designs and artifacts of the period. Almost one thousand years ago the Celtic inhabitants of Ireland rose up under their King, Brian Boru, to fight the invading and colonizing Vikings. The skill and workmanship of the Celtic tribes was demonstrated by their artistic and unique designs, recognized throughout the world and reproduced here in these magnificent chess set pieces.These chessmen are made out of Polyresin, which is a crushed stone composite. It has the look and feel of stone, but the durability of a plastic. It is truly the best of both worlds.Specifications:Antique Finish pieces.Chess set pieces only, board not included.King size: 4 1/2″ Pawn size: 3 1/8″Base size: 1 7/16″Brown felt basesKing weight: 5.6 ozEntire set weight: 75.8 ozBoard recommendation: 2-2 1/8″ squares (see below for options)


American Revolutionary War Chess Pieces – SAC Antique Finished – $199.00
At the time of King George III’s coronation in 1760 the British were the pre-eminent power on the North American sub-continent. They had a difficult time persuading the colonists of the territory to pay taxes to the British Crown and as a result, outbreaks of violence occurred which eventually escalated into full scale war between Britain and its North American colony.The sculptor and artists have taken some of the principal characters from the era to create this superb chess set. Shown in its hand decorated form the historically authentic hand crafted pieces will enable you to re-live some of the major battles and engagements and perhaps…who knows? Can you alter the course of history?These chessmen are made out of Polyresin, which is a crushed stone composite. It has the look and feel of stone, but the durability of a plastic. It is truly the best of both worlds.Specifications:King Height: 4“Base size: 1 3/8“Board recommendation: 2“ or 2 1/2“ (see below for options)



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